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New song

2010-12-03 07:56:53 by ajduff14

So I've spent proper hours and hours more effort than I have on any song on what started to be a little mess around project.

Was watching pirates of the carribean 3 and right at the begging theres just the little tiny instruments and quite soothing music in singapore. Kinda inspired me, so I tried a little something then the idea popped to mind to mix instruments or sounds that you rarely hear together, (inspired by a certain artist on Newgrounds! He knows who he is if he is reading:L)

Overall the song kinda makes me think of the quiet before the storm. So i decided to call it Hydrogen after the HindenBurg Incident, because one minute everything can just be all fine and dandy but then hell can brake lose:/ just like here in England with a tiny spec of snow!:L

It's nearly finished sooo It should be on in the next few days easily:) Hope you enjoy

I'm back!

2010-08-17 18:31:03 by ajduff14

WOO! AM BACK! Not that anybody has really missed me or notice but whatever:) Basicly, I've been busyish doing allsorts, exams, revision, holidays, parties, boxing, allsorts and forgot all about my account, but luckily I did get a bit of a music making programme and I'm just getting used to all it's features sooo I've just put a rought 1st attempt at making something, feel free to comment:)


2010-02-13 09:30:46 by ajduff14

Hi, my first post is just to say that, i am low on money and need a little for a music programme and a MIDI keyboard. I think i am fairly good at producing music, I've just never been able to record it well enough to a computer format.

On the other hand though i am a fairly good artist too and am just figuring out how i manage to get pictures up on here too. Unfortunatly for the moment my room has really bad lighting, however i am changing my room a little soon so in time my pictures will be great quality.

Heres a random half naked woman i decided to draw once XD

Hope you enjoy . . .